Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sorting Hat

Yesterday Cik Tengku Farah gave everyone a surprise. It was more of a scare, in my opinion, I don't know what the others think.

So, Cik Tengku Farah held a meeting with all KI students. We thought it was just going to be one of those not-so-important briefings. Allowances not banked in, documents not completed, bla bla... Some did not even attend this briefing, most were not paying attention.

But we were clearly caught off guard.

She stood on the rostrum like how she did in every other briefing she had with us, hands clutching a few pieces of nondescript papers, cleared her throat, and started.

Cik Tengku: Hari ini saya nak announce placement kamu semua.

Everyone: *Gasps in disbelief, cogs in our brains whirring, trying to make out what this means*


All of a sudden, everyone realised what was going to happen, and were starting to panic.

Come on, we were just weeks into KI! And last year the seniors got their placement in May, and that was after several disappointing delays.

When the names were read out one by one, it seriously felt like being sorted by the Sorting Hat in Hogwarts. Only that this is not a fantasy, this is reality.

I don't know about the others, but my heart was beating like it was gonna explode in any second.

Finally my name was read out, and I got Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS). Worth celebrating? I seriously don't know.

When the sorting was over, the excitement in DU was so intense it was palpable. Some were happy, some cried, so were busy asking questions, some close friends were embracing, but I was still in a daze. I still couldn't accept the fact that I'm gonna be separated from my current and previous housemates...

Please, Sorting Hat, please tell me you've made a correct verdict this time. One mistake and my future is doomed, I tell you, DOOMED....

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Am Number 22

I am Number 22 in the name list of KI 6.

Attendance-taking has never been more fun during KI lectures. The KI lecturers are having a hard time pronouncing our names. For instance:

Puteri --> Pu-teh-ri
Loon Han --> Loo Han
Amy Lynette --> Amy Lyn-teh
Karen Lui --> Kah-ren Lui
Michelle Debbie --> Michael David / Michel David
Lawrence --> Lah-rence

Eventually, they gave up and called out our numbers instead.

So, Kannada lessons by Mr Muthun Jaya are sooooooooooooo booooooooooring and annoying. Phrases he loves to use in class:

"Sit properly"
"Good luck"
"Don't make noise"
WTH. We are not kindergarten children.

Mr Dore Swamy has better handwriting can speak better English, so I definitely prefer him. And he is a patient lecturer although I keep bugging him with questions that might seem nonsensical to him.

Hindi lessons by Mr Prakash are nightmares too, partly because he expects us to read Hindi sentences which he has never taught us before. And he likes to "celebrate!" and clap when any of us pronounces/writes/does something correctly. And he is pretty fussy about us pronouncing our friends' names. According to him, we must say our friends' names loud and clear because our friends love to hear their own names being called =.= No comments.

And Mr Syamu!!!!!!!!!! My favourite lecturer! He is young, energetic, jovial, funny and can speak English fairly well. He gets along really well with all students.

Anyway, it is kinda weird because the subject I hate most is Hindi, but the lecturer I like most is Mr Syamu, who is teaching me Hindi.

Tamil is taught by Mr Siva. Kinda boring too, until he mentioned Tamil-dubbed Harry Potter movies, and my face lit up and I was bubbling with excitement the next moment. The same thing happened to Karen.

Anatomy and Physiology were dull. Slides for 2 hours . No cadavers pun. LOL

And yes I got to know my new housemates better. And FYI we are all getting along well.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Learnt New Ways to Write "Lady Gaga"

In fact you can write it in Hindi or Kannada, using the consonant "Ga".

In Kannada: Lady ಗಗ
In Hindi: Lady गागा

So, currently I'm blogging in notepad, all because I don't have a broadband and KTT's wifi really sucks as my netbook doesn't acknowledge its presence. Last year after much fuss, I managed to login to only one network. This time around, not even one was accessible. I'm stumped, really. Sometimes I think it's my netbook's problem, not KTT's wifi. And in the end I wasted RM5 buying a piece of prepaid "paper" (OMG things have changed. Now there's not even such thing as prepaid CARD!)

Some things never change in KTT, the way cats sleep for instance.

Well, among all KTT-ians, I think I brought the most things from home. I really optimized my parent's Naza Ria, and what I brought were to be used for just 3 months. I guess I just suck at packing. I brought every thing I could think of, but in the end I forgot to bring my cup. =.= No hot Milo this week then. Anyways, thank god my apartment is on the first floor (10-1-A3), or else it will be a Mt. Everest expedition to the third floor, like what happened to all my previous housemates.

10-1-A3 a.k.a. "home"

Yeah, you heard right, there has been a major reshuffle in housemates, not to mention that some guys got "dibuang kolej" to Taman Kenanga, which for me is downright inconvenient. Vei Hung, John Kiu and Alvin are not my housemates anymore. Replacing them are two Chinese guys from Sunway - Lawrence Tang and Steven Lai. And guess what, Shao Kang is my roommate! They are all very nice and we have the same interest - talking. And when Steven went through my pendrive, he wanted a copy of my 53rd Grammy Awards Show, without me introducing it to him!!! AND HE WATCHES GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I still remember how I persuaded my previous housemates to watch the Grammys, and how I failed to transform them into Gleeks.

10-1-A3 is not that bad actually, except that there was no water supply in our toilet for the first few days. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with my apartment. In fact, my room got bigger, and I also got a different scenery this time - my current apartment is facing the back of the college. OK I promise I will wave to the monkeys, dogs, cows, cats, dinosurs I see from my balcony and room window. Furthermore, Aunty Jeya is just living upstairs and the mini mart is just a flight of stairs away. HA! That's what you call perfect location. And most importantly, WE GOT LARGE TABLES!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't we get those during last year? I suppose they would have been even useful if we got them last year.

Then: Small table

Now: LARGE TABLES!!!!!!!

My room

So, for the next 3 months I will be in KI 6, having Kannada class, Hindi class, Tamil class, Anatomy class and Physiology class with Amy, Victor, Viitya, Kesa, Manpreet, Bibiana, Bee, Jee Jen, Lawrence, Thaneer, Azim, Divagar, Syamimi, Jamilah, Cindy, Karen, Michelle, Adreanna, Aswad etc. At first I thought the languages would be easy and by no time I will be able to read, write and converse like an Indian (with the head shaking and all), but clearly I was wrong. The first week itself I sort of gave up on Hindi and Tamil. Now I'm focusing on Kannada instead. Don't give me that look I tell you, I'm just doing what my lecturer advised me. According to them, most of us will end up in a place where Kannada is frequently used.

The fact is, I like the Kannada alphabets so much that I could just sit down and spend hours writing them. They are like weird, beautiful cursive writings and the joy when your pen tip moves up and down the paper is indescribable. But man they are deadly, as in, trying to memorize them is so taxing. Some of them look so similar that the only difference between them would be only like a different direction of curl, or, with an extra dot. WTH, when I'm finished with the consonants, I forget the vowels. When I finish the vowels, I forget the consonants again. And we haven't even started forming words. I'm equally confused with the pronunciation. They sound pretty much the same to me but Mr. Prakash, Mr Syamu, Mr Milton (I forgot the spelling of the name for this creepy-looking-smile lecturer) and Mr Doresuamy think otherwise. Anyways, I'm trying my very best, and I even sacrificed my Narnia-reading sessions. And that really means something.

I enjoy writing them, but not memorizing

All three languages have their unique way of writing their vowels and consonants, but most sound the same. Hindi letters are easier to write. Unfortunately they are represented by 2 different symbols - dang. Tamil letters are kinda awesome too because Mr Siva's teaching. LOL

Thanks to Faruqi, I'm the new KI MPP Treasurer who doesn't have the faintest idea what his job description is.

And I really enjoyed the day when a few of us Tangga 9 close friends and also Lawrence and Steven, "climbed" Mount KTT (named by ever gorgeous Edwin), and later had dinner at Aunty Mira's place. I reckon we won't be able to do that in India in the near future, and the idea of that is sort of disturbing.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The ineffable joy I had recently was somehow familar. The fact is, that was exactly how I felt when JPA accepted my appeal for this scholarship when initially I failed the interview round.

So, one fine morning, my KTT junior Boo Chin Foong texted me, I was frenzied with excitement, but still highly doubtful. Then Shao Kang did the same, and I couldn't believe him either. Soon, Mr Siva called, and I almost cried when he broke the news.

Still remember the day after the AS results were announced? Some of my friends and juniors were expecting me to get Top in the World. But then all of us waited for weeks. Even Mr Siva was looking a little dejected when he asked ALU 5 whether any one of us got Top in the World but no one raised their hands. In fact, last year only one senior got Top in the World for AS Mathematics, thus further proving how difficult it is to gain such a coveted award. Naturally, I did not put high hopes.

Then weeks passed and I forgot about this matter when the unbelievably huge A2 workload started to pile up upon me. It was a time of immense struggle. When the A-Level results were finally out, and some friends asked me whether I had any luck this time around, I just brushed off their comments, thinking that if I hoped for something that most likely wouldn't happen, I will definitely be crushed. I mean, no use day dreaming when I already failed my lecturers during AS, right?

But it was revealed to me weeks after my A-Level results were announced, that I was wrong.

The feeling of getting something unexpected is just too surreal. And to know that I'm sharing this joy with some of my closest coursemates in KTT is even overwhelming.

Credits go to my family, lecturers and friends who believed in me all the while and stood by me through thick and thin. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Happened Today from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m.

I've been sleeping at 11 p.m. and waking up at 7 a.m. these days because I figured a change to a healthier lifestyle is bound to benefit me.

So, usually by 11 p.m. I'm a piece of dead meat already. But then yesterday I was so restless because I finished downloading the brand new Glee episode at 10.55 p.m..

And yeah this leads to another story. You see, no one can imagine how pissed off I was, waiting from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m., just to download a 550 MB file. Then during the last 80 MB, the connection simply failed. I felt like strangling anyone around me during that time and I was extra moody during dinner. Obviously, everyone in my family noticed, and again I have to explain how terrible our internet connection is. By the time Unifi reaches Klang, I think I'm in India already. WTH

OK, back to the title, I watched Glee from 11 p.m. to 12 a.m., and I felt like a zombie like those in the new Glee episode. I was preparing to switch off my computer, but my finger was itching. I typed "Lord of the Rings: The Complete Recordings" in filestube, and to my surprise, a decent download link was just there. Just, there.

The room was dark except for the light from my monitor screen. I sat in front of it, with my eyes and mouth wide open. The urge to click the download link overcame my drowsiness.

I have only one explanation for this. Recently, I finished reading my 7 cm LotR trilogy, and then I watched the 12 hour movie marathon, and then I stumbled across Najwa's blog post about the score for LotR. That kept me thinking, I loved the book and movie. What's wrong if I love the music? Being in an orchestra has also been one of my lifelong dreams. And I always enjoy movie soundtracks, I guess it's high time to listen to movie scores. The thought of that simply set my heart racing. I thought, I will definitely download it one day, if I come across a download link. If, if, if - I was so confident that I will not get the download link that easily because you see, it has been like what, 6 years when LotR was first screened in 2005.

So there you go, the download link appeared to me at the most inappropriate time. But I had to do it. I already promised myself, for heaven's sake!

Hence, this was what ensued - a grueling night of downloading. I don't deny downloading movies at night, but during those times, I just left the computer on and let it run. But now, things get tricky when there are three separate movie scores, and each file is split into 2 parts. I usually avoid choosing these kind of links but now I have no other choices. And what I dread most is, after downloading each part, you will have to wait for, say 15 minutes before you are allowed to proceed to the next file. "Why did I use the same file hosting site?" you might ask. Same answer, the uploader only uploaded it in filesonic. Hence, no other choice.

A summary of what happened from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m.:

12 a.m. Download first partfile for The Fellowship of the Ring. Sleep for 1 hour.

1 a.m. Wake up. First partfile for The Fellowship of the Ring completed. Download second partfile for The Fellowship of the Ring. Sleep for 1 hour.

2 a.m. Wake up. Second partfile for The Fellowship of the Ring completed. Download first partfile for The Two Towers. Sleep for 1 hour.

3 a.m. Wake up. First partfile for The Two Towers completed. Download second partfile for The Two Towers. Sleep for 1 hour.

4 a.m. Wake up. Second partfile for The Two Towers completed. Download first partfile for The Return of the King. Sleep for 1 hour.

5 a.m. Wake up. first partfile for The Return of the King completed. Download second partfile for The Return of the King. Sleep for 1 hour.

6 a.m. Wake up. Second partfile for The Return of the King completed. Get ready to go jogging with dad. That was the worst part. I should not have promised him yesterday.

Six hours of interrupted sleep plus a morning jog have successfully transformed me into a zombie without the makeup. But this zombie is currently enjoying his newly downloaded LotR: The Complete Recordings.

Personal favourites:
"Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All" (The Fellowship of the Ring, Disc 1).
Reason: I can imitate Cate Blanchett's airy elvish voice doing the narration.

"The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air."

I think I'm crazy, period.

Next, "The Siege of Gondor". The music when the Nazgul comes swooping down is just epic. EPIC, I tell you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Uneventful Chinese New Year

Nothing special happened this Chinese New Year.

Except that my Cambodian maid wrote a note to my family wishing us a "Happy Chinese New Year" and "Good Luck" (OK, weird). Very unexpected, but it sure warmed my heart.

And my whole family was stuck in a massive jam on our way to Penang during the first day of Chinese New Year. In the end, it took us 11 hours to reach my hometown whereas usually it only takes about 5 hours. To make things worse, my Cambodian maid is car sick.

And I almost fell sick during CNY due to excessive cookie binge and the sweltering weather.

And we were so bored at our aunt's home that we decided to make vegetarian, organic, sushi. Great experience. My job was easy enough, to put the slices of cucumber, carrots, beetroot, asparagus (WTH, what an odd combination especially asparagus) on top of the rice. It took several tries to perfect our sushi before it is visually appealing. Most of the time it's either too much rice that we can barely taste the fillings, or too little rice that the edges fall apart when we slice the sushi into smaller portions.

And during our journey back to Klang, my family was so traumatized by the previous highway crawl to the extent that we woke up at 4 a.m., and we started our journey on the highway at 5.30 a.m. after a drive-through at McDonalds. This was the first time we started our journey so freakin' early. I only slept for 5 hours the night before. Being slightly sleep-deprived, I took a cold shower and drove from Penang to Batu Gajah, Perak, before my dad took over the driver's seat at 7.30 a.m.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A post that should've been created 4 days ago

One would be thrilled if he or she got 4 A*s in their Cambridge A-Levels. And perhaps one would gush about it right away via Facebook or their blog.

I got to know about my 4 A*s on Monday morning, and I posted "Aal Izz Well" on my Facebook wall. Within minutes, there was a flurry of comments and likes.

And perhaps you might wonder why I didn't spread this good news in my blog immediately. But then, there was a reason behind the delay of this blog post.

As I was about to update my blog (Mei Ching's personal request) that afternoon, a few posts in my Facebook Live Feeds upsetted me, and since then I had no mood to do so anymore. Those feeds were from my dearest KTT friends who did not make it through the cut-off point although we had toiled for 1.5 years together-gether in the jungle college.

I tried to post words of comfort/concern on Farah, Melzie, Eshabell, Nurain's wall, but I gave up eventually. I'm not good at words, and everytime I type them, I feel like I'm sympathizing my friends and I know that they don't want my pity.

When you've spent 1.5 years, day-and-night together, it's so hard to accept the fact that they will not return to KTT anymore.

No more Farah's signature high frequency, rapid hand wave. No more Melzie's bubbly presence. No more Ain's Q&A sessions in the library. No more Ah Hun's laughter at the badminton court. No more No.1 Gaga fan in KTT. No more Eric's E-wards. No more Joeffrey's occasional visit to our apartment in Tangga 9. ... ... ... ...

There are so many more that I didn't mention. Damn, I don't even know whether Hafiz and Shafiq made it or not.

I just can't imagine KI without them. I just can't.

I guess life would not be the same anymore for me, and for them. But still, I'm glad that they've not given up hope, and will soon be pursuing their University course locally or in Indonesia.

May all KTT-ians (fly or tak fly) be strong. I pray for everyone's success in the future.